The Resa & Utflykt are designed to deliver a topnotch coffee without the use of electricity. The durable components of these brew kits are ideal for tent wake-ups, trail breaks or anyplace off the grid.




The Resa is made up of the gear we use to brew coffee when in the mountains, on the road or anyplace we are lucky enough to wake up in a tent. Over the years, and from countless backcountry brews, we have refined the kit to its current form: a durable bag, a high-end coffee bean, an even grind and a reliable brew method. All adding up to a great cup of coffee, brewed anywhere.

The Resa travel brew kit includes:

  • AeroPress brewer
  • 2 x Velo Coffee fold-a-cups by Wildo
  • Porlex Mini grinder
  • Wood & Faulk Bag made of durable water repellent canvas, fully lined, leather carrying strap and a brass zippered closure



An ultralight brew kit for those that appreciate a great coffee anywhere they wander. The Utflykt brew kit packs down small for the minimalist traveler. The collapsible Snow Peak brewer folds flat and pairs perfectly with our Velo Coffee collapsible fold-a-cups. Couple these with the Porlex mini grinder and a box of freshly roasted Drop Coffee and you've got yourself a match made in backcountry coffee heaven!

The Utflykt travel brew kit includes:

  • Snow Peak Pour Over Brewer
  • Porlex Mini grinder
  • 2 x Velo Coffee fold-a-cups by Wildo